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Art Value
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Token model & ICO


Number tokenization

Our users will have the ability to gain greater value and access to opportunities within Art Value through owning various types of tokens and the number of ARTS they hold. The main feature of Art Value it to tokenize Numbers, connect their value to currency and turn them to art. Values of art will be reinforced in art capital through tokenization. The tokenization and capitalization procedures will cover the use of Numbers in various applications as games and enrichment of gaming, art production, financing and distribution, user engagement, artist and designer support.

Types of tokens

New ecosystem gives benefits to investors, art collectors and artists. The funds from the ICO will guarantee development of business in creating a new art marketplace to generate value for our customers: investors, art collectors and artists. Investors gain in their support through ICO and established ARTS crypto coin, art collectors complement their collections with art NFT and fine art pieces, the Art Value fund will support artists and art production. This new art economy covers the entire art ecosystem with innovatively redesigned processes of the art market.

There are 4 assets through which Art Value customers will benefit:

1. Art Value Coin — cryptocurrency ARTS utility token

2. Art Value Token — Number NFT

3. NFT Artwork — digital visual and design manifestations of a Number

4. Connected-to-chain Artwork created by artist in a physical form

We develop an online platform for art to be freshly experienced via new ways of creating, distributing and trading. Art in the Art Value case, is a digital token NFT and a physical representation of it in a form of an artistic creation. Art Value Coin — the Art Value cryptocurrency ARTS utility token — provides means to execute trading functionality on our platform. This coin supports our users, investors in cryptocurrency, the coin is distributed to investors (and art collectors), as well as benefits investors with digital and physical artworks. ARTS cryptocurrency is backed by digital and physical art of the Art Value. During the ICO, investors receive Art Value Coin currency tokens (ARTS), NFT tokens, digital and physical artworks.

Investors support art, artists, and artistic production. When the artwork (NFT, digital art) is sold to the art collector, this NFT is commissioned to real artists to create and produce a physical piece of art.

ICO investors receive cryptocurrency ARTS tokens and NFT Numbers as well as digital and physical artworks in return to their investment. The investment is backed with those assets. The received Art Value number depends on the amount of the investment, so by investing 1 million the investor receives the “1 Million Number”, digital representation of the Number and a physical artwork painted on a canvas.

Larger investment means larger Number NFT. Larger Numbers give access to more and larger physical artworks. The higher amount is invested — the higher chance to get famous artists to create a piece for you!

The higher amount is invested — the higher value for you and the bigger discount for your investment!

Value of tokens

ARTS coin value depends on the market, demand and supply. The ARTS is internally used to operate in the platform, acquire Numbers and participate in auctions. ARTS holders will have the ability to gain greater access to the platform opportunities and several benefits will be introduced for the users to use this coin instead of fiat and other cryptocurrencies.

The initial value of an ARTS token is 1 EUR that refers to the global market understanding of values in Euro. So, in principle, the artwork 1000 is worth 1000 EUR. For example, in the investment of 1000 EUR value in the artwork, the collector will have the ability to explicitly show the size of the investment by hanging an artwork of 1000 EUR value on a wall at home, in a gallery or on a phone screen as NFT.

1 ARTS = 1 EUR

1 EUR = 1 NFT

The Art Value operates on Numbers. The Numbers are all unique. In the primary market we generate and sell only unique numbers which are sold once and for all. Later the same Number could be sold on the secondary market by the owner, so the price then depends on the market needs and the exact deal between the seller and buyer. For that we developed several functionalities to directly bring (middle man removed) the owner and buyer on our platform.

The major expression of the Art Value Number is a decimal number. A decimal number can be defined as a number whose whole-number part and the fractional part is denoted with a decimal notation, so the number is separated by a decimal point or comma. The punctuation sign in a decimal number is called a decimal point / or comma. The digits following the decimal point / comma show a value smaller than one.

Decimal number 901,88 with a comma punctuation. The NFT cost of it is 901,88 EUR / ARTS.

The choice of a decimal notation between the point or comma is chosen in relation to particular cultural connotations and refers to territories, for example, in the USA and Asia the dot is more common, while in some European countries the comma is used. We will provide both punctuation designs for dot and for comma.

The value in decimal is written in the number, however, the rules of rounding is applied. The decimal Number is rounded, so number could be deleted. The number with two zeros after the decimal point refers to a whole-number. For example, 555,00 is the same as 555. Meaning that two numbers are owned: one decimal and one whole number.

The numerical notations denoting Numbers, values and meaning. Numbers will have other Numerical expressions and forms, for example, from other numeral systems like Roman numerals.

There are several price models for numbers and one of them is an overarching conceptual principle: the price of an artwork is an artwork. For example, number 33,44 costs 33,44 EUR. And this value principle will be kept as main for having numbers written in the Euro value and that the paid price is explicitly exposed in the artwork. However, the price may fluctuate depending on the current market value and the time value of money. Other price models will also be introduced. For the secondary market Numbers and Art will be sold freely on the market and could be traded for a higher price.

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Please check the ICO schedule here:

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For values of ARTS and related NFTs during the ICO, please look at the ICO section below and find more about benefits, in some stages of the ICO the Art Value ARTS coin is valued for only 50 EUR cents for 1 EUR value plus € 0,5 NFT.

The value of the NFT Number tokens is based not only on their intrinsic exclusivity and the opportunity to commission artworks based on them (and their value) only available to the current holder of the token, but also the publicly legible history of commissions attached to a particular token.

Tangible artworks like paintings, sculptures, music, dance, films, installations, and digital representations of Numbers and their meanings through visualizations, digital fabrications, designs, 3D prints, NFTs, virtual environments will be assessed independently from their Number values.

3D rendered Number visualization and tangible object.

Shared ownership of assets

The fractional ownership and shares in art will be implemented and given to the Art Value users. The artworks will be divided into shares so many owners of one artwork will gain value through ownership and trading of those shares. Art Value has two types of share ownership:

1. Owner of Total Art Value artwork

2. Share in various NFT Numbers

Total Art Value artwork

The Total Art Value artwork is a sum of all NFT Numbers previously sold. So by buying a Number you contribute to the Total number and get shares in one-big-number which is a sum of all previously sold Numbers. The buyer of one number immediately gains value in the Total Art Value artwork. The size of shares constantly changes as the new shares are continuously created and added, but the value of that share is depended on the market and not diluted as new shares are added on top of the whole amount of shares.

Share and rights to a part of the Total Art Value is tradable and could be sold separately from the single Number. All owners of the Total Art Value artwork-number have full rights to manage their shares and control the use of it. In the end, the Total Art Value artwork is controlled by all owners of it and the final look of the piece depends on who is giving permission to show his/her own part of the piece in the exhibition or not. So, for example, if there are a few owners who are not willing to give permission for their part of ownership (of Total Art Value artwork) to be exhibited and do not allow to show their part in the exhibition — this part will be removed, so talking in math terms — those Numbers will be subtracted from the total and not shown in the exhibition. The Total Art Value artwork-number may change depending on various owner permissions and on various occasions.

Shares in art and in Numbers

Despite the Total Art Value collective ownership of a total Number which will automatically be certified to everyone owning a total number, another fractional ownership will operate and some smaller NFT Numbers will have shares in a single artwork-number. For example, number 7 will be owned by a group of people who crowdfunded their way to acquire the unique, limited edition, the only one, and rare number 7.

Digital artworks, physical artworks, visualizations and other types of connected-to-chain assets will have a functionality of shares and crowd ownership. Different assets, rights to them and ownerships will be separate in every manifestation, meaning that by owning an NFT Number the owner could separately sell its physical representation and a share part of the Total Art Value artwork.

Ownership rights

Like other NFT makers, Art Value users will have the ability to write the terms and conditions of their own Number NFT and NFT Art, which could allow them to have some control and rights over subsequent resales — which is an issue for artists in the traditional art industry and within the secondary market sales.

Charity and artists’ support

Regardless various types of ownership, the creator or the Number and NFT Art and owner of numbers and artworks will have the ability to control fractions and shares as well as parts of the contributions to real artists, art production and secondary market sales. Charities will be one option for user to provide societal value and contribute to the society at large.




Art Value

Art Value is an online platform of innovative marketplace where Art and Numbers are created, distributed and traded.