ART VALUE initial coin offering ICO for ARTS coin and NFT art, just started

ICO stages

Our contributors will have the ability to gain greater access to opportunities within Art Value according to the number of ARTS they hold. The entire ICO period is divided into several phases and earlier investors will gain higher value. The acquisition of both tokens ARTS and NFT will raise the benefits and, for example, at the pre-sale stage the gained value might be up to 4x.


Whitelist for user registration prior the ICO to gain value in early-stage investment. Registration form(


Registered investors from the Whitelist registration get the ability to do presale. At presale, 1-euro token price is 0,5 euro.

Private ICO

Invited users from the Whitelist registration get the ability to buy ARTS cryptocurrency and receive NFT tokens. At private ICO, for those registered via Whitelist phase 1-euro token price is 0,5 euro, for new investment 0,75 euro.

Public ICO

Public ICO for everyone to join and buy ARTS cryptocurrency and receive NFT tokens. Everyone can join publicly with a registration. In this public ICO, the last and only way is given to receive final additional values and discounts and get better Numbers through a simplified selection method.

During ICO

Higher the investment — higher additional value and possibility to receive more numbers and artworks of higher value.

After ICO

After the entire ICO process, ARTS will be listed on crypto exchange. The price of the ARTS token will be equivalent to 1 euro, NFT value also referred to the euro value. The platform will operate on the 1 ARTS = 1 euro = 1 NFT logic.

Art Value is an online platform of innovative marketplace where Art and Numbers are created, distributed and traded.