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2 min readMay 7, 2021
Mario Kart and Number 5.

Numbers in games. ART VALUE NUMBER —


Digital Numbers will be tokenized with the Art Value ( as main application and utility, people will use them in games as digital assets, virtual accessories, game elements. Imagine, you are Mario and you run a kart! On your helmet is your favorite number 5 and your cart is marked with 5 too! You will be able to use Art Value Numbers in any digital application and games. With your own Number you will make an impact. The Number you own becomes utility in the world you care about. The gaming world is also yours! Use your own number in various different games and gain recognition from your number.

First, Numbers will be tokenized and turned to NFTs via our blockchain solution. Numbers will be open to use in any digital application and game. With tokenized NFT Numbers we are going to create and develop our own games, those games will be numerical and mathematical games as well as various other types of games. For example, the crypto games with math formulas, calculations, as well as crypto generative, multiplication and “breeding” stuff through various formulas and algorithms. Unique numbers will give their owners extra value with generating other rare digital assets and numbers. Not only math-based problem-solving and numberdriven games, but also other types of games like, for example, racing car games where Numbers are used for numbering of cars or rewards. Coin rewards will bring your unique number into value! Mining games where you dig gold and in return get Number NFTs!

The external games will get use of Art Value Number tokens and include Art Value Number NFTs. Imagine, your favorite Number is a Fortnite skin and you play with your character who is named by your favorite Number 77! Numbers used in football games to number the players, you are your favorite Number! Numbers also used for the gamer’s name.

Art Value Numbers are tradable, so the owner could trade own Numbers, Number NFTs, sell them or give away to friends.




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