Das Vegas, Artist, Who Pioneers Unique NFT Auction: Tokens Are Created During Bidding Process, Highest Offers get Depicted in Numbers. Art Value Generative Auctions.

Generative auction sign — a quesiton mark “?” symbolizes an empty token which after the auction will be turned into a valuable, auction winner’s bid value, NFT art token.
Empty token on sale. Unassgined number #14. Token ID 14.
After the auction, empty tokens are turned into valuable Number NFTs. Art Value NFT gallery.
Schematic showing generative Art Value auction process.
ART VALUE EXPERIENCE viertual metaverse space for designing your Number NFTs. The Art Value project’s interactive virtual gallery.
ART VALUE NFT artworks exhibited in 2017.



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Art Value

Art Value


Art Value is an online platform of innovative marketplace where Art and Numbers are created, distributed and traded. www.ArtValue.org